Thursday, February 3, 2011

My New Cover

So, this is a bit premature, as I'm still finishing up a few last revisions, and I don't have a firm release date (it'll be out sometime in the early summer, folks!), but I couldn't resist sharing the cover to Mr. Pale Steps Out.

Ain't she a beaut?

Mr. Pale Steps Out is about a criminal in a slightly alternate version of the sixties. He is trapped in a safe room just before a world altering series of accidents occur that leaves the world barren and crawling with mutated beasts, shambling zombies and violent gangs. He's in a world he doesn't understand, but his bullets still seem to work just fine, and revenge still tastes just as sweet.

I really wanted something that fit the era that the story takes place in, something that looked like a legit paperback novel, and I think my buddies over at Deeply Dapper Designs did a fantastic job. The blurb across the top and the tagline may change, I'm not totally sold on them, and I'm debating on the idea of adding a price or some sort of little detail, but overall, I think it turned out amazing!

And if you're looking for a designer for your novel, drop 'em a line.