Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Every year I have a hard time staying in the spirit and I do everything I can to keep from going full-on humbug. These are three that are helping this year:

1 - Baby It's Cold Outside, by Tom Jones & Cerys Matthews

My favorite version of this song, bar none. He sounds seductive and desperate, she sounds gorgeous and totally putting up a fight she wants to lose. Even if I didn't already love the song, I'd choose this for the way they seem to actually be enjoying it. I wish I could find a better video, but it's pretty spectacular in its own right too.

2 - A Shameless Christmas Carol by the cast of Shameless

A new one, this was just released a few days ago, but I love it in many boozy ways. And Emmy can still wail!

3 - And THIS video.

Because these are the three things that work for me about Christmas. Sex, Booze and Nightmares.

What videos sum up the holidays for you?