Thursday, June 6, 2013

The night shift is winding down...

Challenges. I love them. But sometimes? I just want to say forget it and walk away. For years now, literally years, I have been working on the same book. Inspired by my time working the overnight shift at a drug store, I started writing a zombie novel that encompasses one single night on the graveyard shift on the night the infection really takes hold in the town of Missoula Montana. There's no huge sweeping military assaults or convenient ammo stashes in the pharmacy, just normal, screwed up people trying to survive. One thing I did do that seemed ambitious was make the choice to write it James Patterson style, with short, 500-700 word chapters, usually switching characters for each.

I have still not finished this book. I'm closer, finally. I have all but the last few chapters completed and I've started in on the third and mostly final draft of revisions for the first third of the novel. I dig it. It's a fun little horror novel and I cannot wait to finish it up, but it's frustrating to think of how long it took to get this close to finishing a 100,000 word book.

I'm just a slow typist and time has become exceedingly rare for me lately, to say nothing of my other novels in progress.... four at last count. So sometimes I just want to quit and console myself with the idea that there's lots of other great books out there to read. But I have so many ideas. They fill my brain and threaten to destroy me if they aren't released unto the world.

And finally having a cover to attach to the book helps. It's a real doozy from Deeply Dapper and I love it. It, more than anything motivates me to finally finish this damned book.

Walk Write!