Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wag The Blog - Jon's Life

A new feature here, wherein I plug another blog out there in the internet wonderland that's worth checking out!

This week, I'm talking up Jon's Life. Or other odd people doing odd things. Jonathan Arntson is funny and goofy. He's working on a book, is 25, works at a dollar store, used to work at a gas station (Me too!), has an adorable dog, is gay, likes M&Ms, has great taste in music and has a bit of a sad-sack personality that makes his posts both humorous and poignant.

Jon's been blogging for about a year or so and in that time, he's managed to build up quite a fan club, and with good reason. His blog may not be quite the fit for the author of horror novels that likes crime fiction and action flicks, but I still swing by there every week or so to unleash my inner Children's Book author. Go say hi, and enjoy!

1 comment:

  1. Holy shenanigans. That blog sounds super cool and fun! I think its author would feel very grateful that you nailed his image and praised his tone. Also, he's probably thankful for directing new and cool people to his blog.

    I bet he is. I'd bet fifty bucks on it.