Friday, November 12, 2010

Every year they do it. Somehow. Authors worldwide spend thirty days, the month of November, writing a book for National Novel Writing Month. Fifty Thousand Words. That's right around 1,700 a day. The oddly worded NaNoWriMo is upon us!

Which isn't too bad when you look at it from a day to day standpoint, but when you suddenly miss a day because you worked a 10 hour shift and drove 70 minutes to and from work and made dinner and by the end of the night you were just too darned tired? Yeah, then you've gotta get in 3,000 words to catch up. 

And November seems like a horrible month to do this, at least for me. I'm dealing with Christmas at home and work, and the weather outside, which means a longer commute and possibly snow shoveling... To say nothing of what a slow typist I am anyway! To me a month like April or February seems like a better one, a month with less going on.

But I'm gonna try it. Mostly because I have a great idea for a Post Apocalyptic Crime Novel, set in the 50's. And because I'm tired of working on my zombie novel for a little while. So far I haven't done too badly, I'm at just below 17,000 words. Of course, I'm supposed to be at over 20k... So keep an eye on that blue box at the top of my post, that's my real-time ticker of where I'm at.

Anyone else here writing their NaNoWriMo project this month? And how in the world do you do it??


  1. I'm a nano drop-out this year.

    I 'won' it last year and the 50k of YA fantasy story I wrote for is still sitting on my hard drive unfinished (I'll get back to it one day).

    This year, real -life took a cosh to the back of my head and I never really got going, but kudos to you for racking up that word count.

  2. Yeah... I'm not gonna make it. I really think November is a bad month for it. For me, at any rate. It has been nice having the motivation and the challenge.

    I just realized that the reason I completed my first Middle-Grade novel was because of a contest too... Maybe I need the pressure.